Resolute: Adult Children

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I had never put enough thought and planning into how to help and participate in the lives of my grown children the way you do when they are little.  Now I am at a place in life that I want to be resolute in the way I interact with them.  They are precious to me and I am very proud of them.  Each one is distinctly different and bring me so much love and satisfaction as a Mom.  From time to time though, life’s events create a need to think through my responses to them and how I choose to spend my time and money.  I bite my tongue sometimes too much and other times I speak without thinking.  All I really want is to be the best Mom for each of them.

So I am going to be more thoughtful.  One issue I find is how to help them financially.  I don’t like seeing them struggle and so I sometimes find myself helping them either too much or not enough.  The decision to help will be evaluating whether or not the need is based on a life choice or something truly out of their control.

Secondly, I want to help guide them with a financial plan that will lead them to a retirement one day that won’t leave them struggling.  Maybe launch a small Roth or Investment if they continue to contribute.  I don’t know, still thinking through that one.



Resolute: Forgot to Be Resolute!

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Okay, I am a backslider. Actually, I became so resolute in just enjoying the calm and not fretting over making any big changes, that I became too settled.  I even stopped writing for awhile.  Truth be told, I also started spending too much time following the crazy presidential primaries.

It really is hard to make significant changes in your life and your habits.  Being “Resolved” to making true change happen has been a tough one for me in many ways. How about you? I accept that some things in me are changing so slowly, that at times I haven’t noticed the changes.  I realized yesterday that I have laughed out loud every day now for at least a year.  Letting of pain, anger, control and regrets makes a lot of space in my spirit for happiness.

I am going to pick myself up, forgive myself, and make more time to write and stay strong in my resolve. You don’t give up either.