Resolute: Adult Children

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.00.35 PM

I had never put enough thought and planning into how to help and participate in the lives of my grown children the way you do when they are little.  Now I am at a place in life that I want to be resolute in the way I interact with them.  They are precious to me and I am very proud of them.  Each one is distinctly different and bring me so much love and satisfaction as a Mom.  From time to time though, life’s events create a need to think through my responses to them and how I choose to spend my time and money.  I bite my tongue sometimes too much and other times I speak without thinking.  All I really want is to be the best Mom for each of them.

So I am going to be more thoughtful.  One issue I find is how to help them financially.  I don’t like seeing them struggle and so I sometimes find myself helping them either too much or not enough.  The decision to help will be evaluating whether or not the need is based on a life choice or something truly out of their control.

Secondly, I want to help guide them with a financial plan that will lead them to a retirement one day that won’t leave them struggling.  Maybe launch a small Roth or Investment if they continue to contribute.  I don’t know, still thinking through that one.



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