Looking For Paris

Looking For Paris

Sitting alone with my coffee on a nice back porch in Suburb, USA and I wonder…”Where is Paris?”

Not just the city, but more importantly, the feeling I had while I was there.  Is it an elusive state of being you can only capture while you are there?  It quite possibly could be as fragile as a bubble that floats lazily through the air and then, when you blink, it is gone.  So I am looking for that place inside myself where you feel like getting out the house, having all of your senses awakened by the accordion music of the frenchman in the marketplace and the fresh baked bread.  So sit down that cup of coffee, jump in the car and drive through the burbs and Voila! I am chasing the bubble through traffic lights, drive-thru fast food stops, mega-malls and streets lined with cookie-cutter houses and no, I cannot find Paris.screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-9-55-54-am


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