Let Your Story Flourish


Recently I have been reading Robert Taylor’s book, “A New Way to Be Human.” It is so full of inspirational guidance that I am having a hard time finishing the first few chapters because I keep re-reading them.  So far, my greatest take-away is to work on my self-editing way of telling my story.  I am guilty of rewriting my story to leave out the parts that I feel people will judge. Clutching on to my fear of judgement and my need to be the person I think my loved ones want me to be is a tough one for me.  To flourish, is to experience freedom.

The Holy has given each one of our lives a purpose. Every time I go through one of those self-help or life coach purpose exercises I never really get there.  I think I know why.  I am clutching on to fears and old beliefs that do not free me to tell my human story. Also, in order to flourish, one must listen with intense interest in the stories of others.

So for this week, for this chapter of my life, I will begin telling my story and seeking the stories of others.  That certainly sounds easy enough….no.  As I read the book, I think of things I have said and done that I am not proud of at all. Bringing those things to light in telling my story are also painful. I do realize now, that shame and guilt are far more stifling and painful than the truth and more importantly, clutching on to them will only keep me from experiencing a flourishing life and becoming a “new kind of human”.

Robert Taylor’s book:



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